Adams County 4-H Show
University of Illinois Extension
Unit 14 - Adams County

4-H Program Coordinator - Christine Morey

4-H Livestock Superintendents
Beef Superintendents - Stan & Jeanne Krutmeier & Dennis Huber
Cat Superintendent - Linda Kill
Dairy Superintendent - Bill Deters III
Dog Superintendent - Danielle Poulson
Goat Superintendents - Alan Obert & Julie Schullian
Horse & Pony Superintendents - Sandy Chatten & Diane Frazier
Poultry Superintendent - Leon Obert & Danielle Poulson
Rabbit Superintendents - Matt & Steve Obert & Carolyn Roberts
Sheep Superintendents -Alan Ipensen & Sheri Fuller
Swine Superintendents - Brent Clair, John Dickerman & Mike Jansen

All Show Dates are Tentative: Any changes will be listed in the Clover All Over

4-H SCHEDULE OF PRE-FAIR JUDGING EVENTS - Adams Co. Farm Bureau Basement
Saturday                         July 19, 2014
8:15 am               Clothing & Textiles Check-In Begins
                                              8:30 am               Clothing & Textiles Judging Begins
                                              10:00 am            Clothing & Textiles Check-In Closes
                                              12:45 pm            Public Presentations/Food Demonstration Check-In
                                              1:00 pm               Fashion Revue/Public Presentations/Food Demo. Judging
                                              2:30 pm               Judging of 4-H Dogs & Cats

Tuesday                          July 22, 2014
                                              8:00 am               General Show Check-In Begins
                                              8:15 am               General Show Judging Begins
                                              10:00 am            General Show Check-In Closes
Wednesday                   July 23, 2014
7:00 am               Check-In 4-H Equine
                                              8:00 am               Judging of 4-H Equine in Horse Arena

Thursday                       July 24, 2014
                                              9:00 - noon       Rabbit Check-In
                                              4-6 pm                 4-H Sheep Arrive
                                              6:00 pm               Judging of 4-H Rabbits in Rabbit Barn
                                              6-8 pm                 Check-In &Weighing of 4-H Swine

Friday                               July 25, 2014
                                              Noon                     Judging of 4-H Sheep Projects in Open Sheep Barn
                                              1:00 pm               Judging of 4-H Dairy in Show Barn
                                              4:00 pm               Master Showmanship Contest

Daily Schedule